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"The story is remarkable, it has the connection to the East that is
fascinating, there is love, there is struggle, and there is the supernatural.
There are so many elements in here that are very Very extraordinary,
not to mention Angel's brilliant music and the projections that she came up with."

Curator at The Tank Theater, New York
"Script is simply GREAT. It would make good movie--
All the essential box-hits elements are there:
a ghost story, human virtues at times of political turmoil and poverty,
great historical settings of China and even Hong Kong from 1920s to
contemporary period, and some other appealing elements.
All the more, the music has been so compelling and good that I wish for more."

Head of Communications & PR
New York Trade and Economic Office of Hong Kong

G H O S T   W I F E

Trio for violin, cello and piano
Performed by Norfork Chamber Music Festival

WATCH: Sino Vision TV Channel WETALK Series
Interview and filming of "Ghost Wife" performance at The Tank

Old town (1921)

A solo performance on an untold secret discovered through a diary.
It took place in the year 1921, in the southern city of Guang Chou, China.

"My grandfather died the year after I was born, but it was twenty years later that I discovered his diaries,
hidden inside a giant antique safe that was large enough to contain me. I could lose myself inside,
reading all his adventure stories with my flashlight. He was a serious man.

Not only did he write down his travels and adventures in great detail, he also drew illustrations.
He had a very neat handwriting. His stories are attractive and mysterious, at times shocking.

I met many of his friends...
They only exist a century ago in a land that was turbulent, dangerous, unpredictable but
rich with experiences. I had traveled back to Guang Chou and Shanghai to retrace his footsteps...

His days are over, but his diaries stayed, and his stories - so far, so near.

I decided to write this story, Ghost Wife, because I believe, everything begins here."

Composer/writer Angel Lam performs this new story with her original music and visual projections.
She will reenact the events in the story, based on true events.

This work is in progress to be developed into a fully staged drama in 2013 to 2014.

(photographs from the performance at HERE, New York)

Early 20th century Guang Chou, also known as Five Goats City.
Guang Chou was already a very wealthy city.
This was a commerical district with hotels and department stores.

Lai Chi Wen Bay.

Residential area.

Conditions of ordinary citizens.

Grandfather with his grandson.

All around the city, you often see people with a board locked around their neck.
He had been punished to wear this in public for three months.
His crime and sentence was placarded on the board.

This boy on the right does not have a pair of trousers to wear.

This woman was selling her child near a train station- the baby was undressed to reveal the gender.

They were usually boys.
Prices of boys go down as they grow older, but girls' prices go up as they mature.

The city was governed by terror and fear.

This man was placed in an open square.
One stone will be removed each day
under the wooden boards where he stood until he die of strangulation.

Death Cages
"Criminals" can not live past the third day in this cage where their feet don't touch the ground.
If no one came to bribe the officiers within three days, they will die of strangulation.

A Sai Kwan Mansion doorway.
In contrast to the majority of the city, this was an extremely wealthy district west of the city - Sai Kwan.

A photograph of a "Sai Kwan daughter" - daughter of a wealthy Sai Kwan family
combining eastern Manchurian clothing with a western backdrop.

Night view of a Sai Kwan mansion, owned by the extremely wealthy.

The mansions were known for their elaborate decor and colorful Manchurian windows.


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A Sai Kwan mansion today.


Guangzhou city by night, 2012

The TANK Theater, New York
Set relief paintings by visual artist Catherine Lan
Furniture courtesy of The Tank