Recipients of the "2003 CASH Music Scholarship" Announced 2003-07-08

To promote a higher standard of music culture in Hong Kong, the "CASH Music Scholarship for Overseas Studies", financed by the CASH Music Fund and administered by the Composers and Authors Society of Hong Kong Ltd. (CASH), awards outstanding candidate(s) to study abroad in the field of music composition. This year, the recipient of the Scholarship is Ms. Lam On Ki Angel who will receive an amount of HK$165,000 towards tuition fees and living expenses for her overseas studies. Ms. Lam will pursue a doctorate programme at Peabody Institute of the Johns Hopkins University with the goals of writing music with aesthetic and cultural values and becoming a scholar of both academic and artistic excellence.

The "CASH Music Scholarship" invites applications for overseas studies in the field of music composition (serious or pop music) around January every year. Interested parties are welcome to visit the CASH website for announcement.


Ms. Angel Lam, recipient of the 2003 CASH Music Scholarship