Hiroshima University Sataka Hall, Japan. 

Her Thousand Years Dance  

for solo shakuhachi, cello and  string orchestra with percussion

Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK) broadcast

Once upon a time, a village in the southern sea…

for chamber ensemble

Silk Road Ensemble worldwide tour 

Empty Mountain, Spirit Rain (excerpt) 

for six player chamber ensemble

Hong Kong Arts Festival, June Lovers - musical/ music theatre

Promo introduction and highlights  

In Search of Seasons for orchestra

Yale Philharmonia recording

photos from Minnesota Orchestra performance

Awakening from a Disappearing Garden at Carnegie Hall  (excerpt) Atlanta Symphony Orchestra and Yo-Yo Ma, solo cello

Kyoto National Museum, Japan - Red Peony Sky 

for chamber ensemble 

Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts 30 Anniversary,

Of Days and Nights, live music for dance and story

Hong Kong Sinfonietta TV broadcast, 

Symphonic Journal: Ambush from Ten Directions


Lost Shanghai

Music theatre

seven actors and small ensemble 

June Lovers

Musical/ Music theatre

six singers/actors and eight musicians

Ghost Wife

Solo play

original music and documentary visual projections

Color of the Mind

A short film accompanied by symphonic band

Of Days and Nights

Dance with live music and narration

Dear Mother

Dance with live music and visual art


Awakening from a Disappearing Garden        

for solo cello and orchestra with narration

In Search of Seasons 

for orchestra (with narration opening), 13'

for string quartet and orchestra, 16'


Her Thousand Years Dance 

for shakuhachi (or alto flute /other non-Western flutes), cello, percussion and string orchestra

Memories from My Previous Lives

for orchestra


Softly I Speak to you, of Orchids and a Dream 

for soprano, harp, piano, and string orchestra

Symphonic Journal: Ambush from Ten Directions

for large orchestra with narration

The Suite for Orchestra

for orchestra

I. Awakening II. Blessing


Fragrance of the Sea

for clarinet, violin, cello and piano

Chrysanthemum's vow

for shakuhachi, koto, vocal and cello

Dear Mother

for violin, flute, harp, double bass and piano

Of Days and Nights

for violin (or er-hu), gu-zheng, harp, double bass and piano

The Color of the Mind

for symphonic band

Mist of Scented Harbour

for solo violin


for solo violin

June Lovers

for violin, cello, harp, double bass, piano and percussion

First Wind of May

for solo cello

Eight Thousand Women Ghosts

for cello ensemble and piano


Avalokiteshvara's Hand 

for three percussionists using marimba, vibraphone, crotales, tuned gongs and temple bowls


Sun, Moon, and Star 

for two soprano, violin, cello, double bass, percussion and piano

Midnight Run 

for choreography, music, and visual projections

Empty Mountain, Spirit Rain 

for shakuhachi, violin, cello, double bass, marimba and percussion

I. Silent Field

II. Rain

Silk Road, Silk Road

for harmonica quintet

I. Mirage, elevation 12,000 feet

II. Baby Camel Walk

III. Mirage on the train  

Empty Mountain, Spirit Rain II 

for guitar and marimba duo

for marimba solo

Secrets and Ice Garden

for piano quintet


Red Peony Sky in Mid-June 

for flute, clarinet, violin, cello, and two percussionists

    I. Sunset

   II. Nightfall

Through the Interwoven Growth 

for woodwind quintet

   I. Forest of the bare branches

  II. First snow upon the evergreen growth

 III. Valley stream's fragrance of the green green woodlands

Imagery of Water 

for guitar, harp, vibraphone/crotales and double bass

   I. Drops    

 II. Rain    

III. Icy


Love Memo 

duet for flute and piano


Dream Sketches

for string quartet

I. Moon     II. Drunken     III. Separation

IV. With the wind       V. Dance shadows


For a New Millennium

for woodwind quintet


The Burning Babe

for SATB choir, organ, strings, winds and percussion

Oh Stars, from the Abyss

for women's chorus, strings, piano and percussion

Merry Go Round

for SATB choir a capella

Therefore We Do Not Lose Heart

for women's choir, a capella

Beyond the Rainbow

for soprano, tenor/countertenor and baritone

double bass, narrator and piano


Dreams of them enter, like men alive, into the maiden room of their lovers... 

for guzheng and effects processors